8 Ridiculous(ly Fun) Workouts You’ve Never Tried


Let’s face it: we’re way more likely to exercise when it’s fun. Wouldn’t you rather hop on a trampoline or hula hoop than run on a treadmill or elliptical? These are some of the most fun workouts you will ever hear about, and a lot of them have a social component, too. Between the new friends and new fitness, you’ll add a few fun-filled years to your life doing these activities!

Pole dancing isn’t just a way to make a decent living anymore. Everyone from kids to middle-aged housewives is trying out pole dancing. It provides a fantastic workout and lets men and women alike try on a new persona. For the less adventurous (or coordinated), salsa or swing dance lessons are also fun ways to get your heart rate up. You can still get a great workout and pick up a fun new skill at the same time. If you can’t afford lessons, there are plenty of great lessons on video sites like Youtube. All you need is a partner and an internet connection.


You don’t need fancy equipment for this grownup version of a treasure hunt. All you need to be a modern-day Indiana Jones or Lara Croft is a smartphone (or a friend with one). Many caches require you to hike a small to moderate amount to find them. Android users can also enjoy Ingress, an augmented reality game with a similar premise.

Zombie Obstacle Runs

A lot of people claim to run better when being chased. In many cities, you can now sign up to be chased by the undead. If you need a little motivation training, try the super fun Zombies, Run! 5K training app. Can’t afford the entrance fees for an organized race? Get your friends, neighbors, and/or kids together for a game of zombie tag and run until you can’t!


Grocery cart racing. In costumes. Enough said.

Ultimate Frisbee

It’s not just for college kids anymore. Chances are, there’s probably an ultimate frisbee group near you. And if playing with new people isn’t your thing, take a kid or dog to the park and play some traditional frisbee. You’ll forget you’re even burning calories.



It’s not for everyone, but Live Action Role Playing can be quite a workout! There’s a theme for everyone, from traditional elves and dwarves to spaceships to time travel to secret agents. You don’t necessarily have to don goofy costumes, but it sure does make it more fun!


It’s not exactly LARPing, but Harry Potter fans may be able to find a Quidditch league in their area. Players run around a field with brooms and balls, getting an amazing workout in while feeling like a witch or wizard.



You can literally bounce off the walls with Parkour. If you’re nervous about starting out, consider playing around on a playground first. It can be just as good a workout, and you’ll get to feel like a kid again.

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