Dieting can be difficult as it becomes constantly necessary to keep track of the various foods we eat. It makes it even more difficult when your partner has entirely different eating patterns. The good news is it is possible to stay on track even when your partner isn’t.

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Dieting seems like it should be simple, but in reality it’s one of the most challenging things somebody can do. In fact, over 95% of all people that begin a diet end up failing.  

As difficult as dieting is, it becomes even harder when your significant other chooses not to participate and continues to indulge in tempting, unhealthy foods.

The good news is there are steps that can keep you on track and yield successful results, even if your partner chooses not to diet with you.



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Communication is one of the most important attributes necessary for maintaining and cultivating a successful relationship. It’s especially important when one person chooses to strive for something while the other does not.

Before beginning a diet, be sure to properly express yourself to your partner. Verbalize the fact that the diet has some type of end goal in mind, such as losing 10 pounds or making better food choices.

A good partner should be receptive and offer support as needed. It must be made known that dieting is an important goal which you hope to achieve with a desired outcome and result.

Make Healthy Choices


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Eating out all the time is no excuse for having a poor diet. Most restaurants, from fast food to upscale five star locations, offer healthy food choices. Just because your significant other chooses to eat a double cheeseburger or pizza is no excuse to do the same yourself.

When going out, opt for the kale salad or give the lemon zest chicken a go and save hundreds of calories. If your partner tries to peer pressure you into picking something else, go back to step 1 and reinforce why you started to begin with.

Will power is an important aspect of reaching goals and is crucial to the success of any diet plan. Success is simply a repeated habitual pattern of making the right choices again and again.

Buy Food Separately


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If one person in a relationship chooses to eat unhealthy foods, it may become necessary to buy food separately. Do whatever it takes to stay on track and meet weight loss goals, even if it requires eating chicken, salads, and brown rice.

It is commonplace for couples nowadays to prepare meals separately. Your partner could even be inspired by the delicious foods you are cooking to make some changes of their own.

Meal Preparation


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Although meal preparation is not absolutely necessary for a successful diet, it helps to plan what you’re going to eat ahead of time. Studies have shown that preparing meals in advance can assist in weight loss goals.

Pick a day at the beginning of the week to make healthy meals consisting of lean protein sources, vegetables, and whole grains. Having meals ready to go ahead of time will avoid cooking procrastination and settling for overly-convenient delivery services.

Even if your partner is not dieting, it can help aide them in developing healthy eating habits for overall health and well-being.

Having a partner who chooses to eat unhealthy foods while you are dieting can make meeting your goals difficult, but not impossible. When you choose to diet and your partner does not, it’s important to express yourself and make your goals clear.