Is Your Underwear Evil?


Once upon a time, women wore dangerous contraptions like corsets that caused all sorts of health problems. Tightly-laced corsets caused issues like fainting and organ damage. Women had to have fainting couches set up in their rooms, so they could crash on them when the lack of oxygen made them dizzy. Few people wear corsets these days, and the ones who do don’t tend to lace too tightly, but we have modern day equivalents of these evil undergarments. How many of these do you have in your underwear drawer?


Spanx (and the many other brands of control garments) work great for smoothing figures. However, they can cause significant problems. Like the corsets of old, compression girdles and leotards can squeeze organs tightly enough to cause some problems. Other unpleasant side effects can include bladder or yeast infections and bowel incontinence. Sexy, right? These tight undergarments should probably only be worn on special occasions.


Like Spanx, pantyhose can cause a variety of vaginal and bladder infections. And of course, they can also make a mild case of athlete’s foot much worse. A more deadly concern is that for some people, the tight knee-high hose may cut off circulation and trigger deep vein thromboses, or blood clots in the legs. While wearing pantyhose occasionally is no problem, people who wear them every day should make sure they wash their hose regularly and wear types that have a breathable brief section.

Poorly fitting bras

Most women are wearing the wrong size bra. Worse, even many “experts” in stores like Victoria’s Secret don’t have the first clue how to actually measure. People are taught that the largest sizes bras ever come in is DD, maybe even DDD. In reality, bra sizes can go up way higher than that. A bra size of G through K is not terribly uncommon, since a 36 DDD may actually be a 30 J. If you experience back pain, the middle of your bra does not touch your sternum, or the side of your breasts spills out of the top or sides, you should get professionally fitted. And if you can’t afford that, enlist the help of a friend and measure yourselves. For some reason, larger cup sizes cost exorbitant amounts, but if you’ve been wearing the wrong cup size for years, a properly fitting bra is well worth the extra up-front cost! Check eBay and snoop around for bra sales, if you’re strapped for cash.

It might seem bizarre that women still have to suffer for fashion, but that’s still the case for many. Fortunately, we also live in a time when it’s acceptable to trade heels for flats and hose for pants. Although these products can cause issues, they’re still okay to wear occasionally, when necessary. Just make sure to buy the right size and material for your needs, and only wear them when necessary.

So, how many of these evil garments do you own? Have you ever experienced any problems with them?

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