Top 3 Fitness Hacks for People Who Hate Exercising


Remember when we were kids? We would run around shrieking and laughing for hours, pausing only to throw up and get a sip of water before jumping right back into the game. At some point, usually in our late teens, exercise stopped being fun and effortless. It became that thing we dreaded more than going to work or that thing we couldn’t drag ourselves out of bed for. Fitness doesn’t have to be terrible, though! Here are the three secrets to making exercise enjoyable again.


3. Make Fitness a Social Activity

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, all of us some card fit from a little positive peer pressure. Exercising with family and friends keeps us more accountable, and it’s also a lot more fun (usually)! Whether you’re chatting and hiking together or you’re in separate parts of the gym with your earbuds in, an extra person (or several) will increase your chances of success. And you might just hate working out a little less. But if not…


2. Become a Fitness Ninja

Let’s face it: most of us are too busy to do the things we actually want to do, like traveling, sleeping, and seeing our families. Trying to add fitness, something presumably everyone reading this article loathes, into our already hectic lives can make the best of us resentful.

The solution? Sneak the fitness in so stealthily you won’t even notice you’re working out. Chat with a colleague as you both take the stairs. Play on the swings with your kids. Reduce stress (and save time!) by parking near the back of the lot instead of circling like a vulture for a spot close to the door. Replace the occasional weekend Netflix marathon with squirt/dart gun or laser tag games with your family. Advocate for shorter and smarter “standing meetings.” Every little bit of activity adds up! And speaking of laser tag, the number one fitness hack for people who hate exercising is…


1. Make Fitness Fun

“The only time I run is when someone is chasing me!” If you’re one of the countless people to utter this joke, here’s some good news: there’s an app for that! For less than it costs to hire someone to chase you for an hour, you can download the Zombies, Run! app. This fun, immersive program blends your workout playlists into post-apocalyptic missions, radio stations, and stories. With three full seasons and counting, you probably won’t “run” out of episodes any time soon.

If you’re more of a couch potato or aren’t sure about committing to the full program, consider the company’s 5K training app. The 8-week program features many of the same delightful characters but with a structured program guaranteed to turn anyone into a real runner.

Not a fan of zombies or running at all? Check out The Walk for a non-zombie story you can walk to, or download Charity Miles to make every step count toward a cause.

Do you hate exercise? What are some things you would rather do than work out? What helped you get back in the spandex?

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