How many of us beauty enthusiast have gone to get a facial done, only to wind up worse the next day then how we came in. Bummer, right? We assure you it was nowhere near as bad as what happened to Juli, a Singaporean beauty blogger. Juli claims that after receiving a facial (she never mentions the name of the spa, products, or methods used), her skin reacted with a horrifying, pus-filled rash that got worse each day after the facial. The photos are hideous, and portray an important warning for all women seeking any kind of beauty treatment.
As Juli puts it: “The treatment people told me that ‘It has to get worse before it gets better.’ that’s BULLSHIT. Anyone who tells you that about your skin is really just lying to you.” To that, we say: hear, hear! Yes, some facial treatments do involve some pain (such as laser hair removal or Botox injections), but it’s important to weigh pros and cons before proceeding with any kind of beauty treatment, and to say something if anything goes wrong. Nobody’s skin should be burning during a standard facial at a well known reputable spa, and if your experiencing any sort of pain or allergic reactions, you should get yourself to a dermatologist, ASAP.

Also important to note is that the dermatologist that Juli saw afterwards said that her skin likely reacted to an herbal or botanical ingredient that she was allergic too. A lot of women think that because something is natural, it has to be good for your skin, but this is clearly not the case everybody’s skin is different and should be treated with certain precautions. All the more important to be aware of what your potential skin allergies are, and to ask your aesthetician beforehand what ingredients they are using on your skin complexion because if not it could lead to a horrible story someone will blog about.